About Rosemary

Cat reading the Kindle
Me reading the Kindle… perhaps

I used to hide under the pen-name, Charlie Britten, but here I am, Rosemary Johnson – writer/ reader / cook/ traveller/ computer nerd/ web designer/ vegetarian/ cat-lover.  I am also a… wife, mother and grandmother.   And a Christian.

I have had many short stories published, online and in print magazines, but not recently, as I’m currently concentrating on editing the historical novel I wrote for NanoWriMo last year.  (Slow?  Yes, I know.)   I retired once (in September 2015) from teaching fulltime in a college of further education.   I now teach adults, for just a few hours per week, but, even so, I have to do a lot of preparation and driving.   In addition, I have two voluntary roles, as secretary to my church’s PCC (parochial church council) and competitions manager for the Association of Christian Writers.

This blog, Write On is having a change of emphasis.  As everyday life is one of we writers’ greatest resources (‘Write about what you know’), I’m going to blog about what I’m doing, as well as writing.  All book reviews have been moved to a separate blog, to be called ‘Dear Reader’ – so do please take a look.  I’m also (still!) hoping to find enough material for a historical resources blog and a travel blog.  I will signpost all new posts on all blogs here.

Do let me know how you like the new look Write On.


3 thoughts on “About Rosemary

  1. Hi Charlie (and your other names!) — I know you from the Dock (on my other name). I chanced upon this new site of yours via somebody else’s. It is, as they say, a small world. (I’ll send you a Dock PM to let you know who I am at WD: though you’ll piece it together when I tell you about my editorial work there!)

  2. Whoops, when I re-read this, I see it needs updating. Another SMART objective coming along… By the end of August 2014, I will update the SMART objectives above.

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