A Risk-Taker? Me?

First Wednesday of the month and Insecure Writers’ Support Group day. I forgot last month. How can I show my face again? I really wish there was some way in which I could align the text to the top of this WordPress block. It annoys me every time I start writing a blog post. Anybody any ideas?

I haven’t got much to report, except that I’m continuing to incorporate my editor’s edits into The Novel. It’s taking a long time and, as I’m realising, the slower you go, the more likely you are to pick up unforced errors.

In the meantime, I have relaunched my reading blog, Dear Reader, and reviewed The Victorians by A N Wilson. My previous post on Dear Reader was written in June 2018. As our question for this month of April is about risk-taking, I can tell you that I took a risk in this post by severely criticising an established author. Read it and you will see. I don’t think he’ll be publishing quotes from my review on his flyleaf.

Now, Insecure Writers, I need your support and advice, please: does anyone have any hints or advice for promoting a book/reading blog, please? Are there any book review blogging networks or blog-hops which I should get into? I know that some book bloggers attain mouth-watering high numbers of hits but mine wasn’t doing so in 2018 and I’ve no reason to believe it will now, unless I do something about it.

In general, I am not a risk taker. I’m a insecure writer, am I not? I normally write from first person pov because it works for me. I have however written one piece with an unreliable narrator, the Lorry Drivers’ Book Club, currently on FictionJunkies.

In the current climate, writers are not encouraged to take risks, in form or in content. As I rapidly discovered when I talked to other writers, there are things we just don’t do, darling – use adverbs, for instance, or anything other than ‘said’ or ‘says’ when writing dialogue. ‘Show don’t tell’. Every piece of fiction must have a story arc, following a defined trajectory. I am currently reading a book by an early twentieth century author who broke every one of these rules and I’m relishing it. I think I will take a few risks in my next piece with adverbs and ‘he shouted’ and ‘she exclaimed’ and a bit of telling.

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8 thoughts on “A Risk-Taker? Me?

  1. Do you follow Mason Canyon’s Thoughts in Progress blog? She reviews, features, and does book tours. I think Tonja Drecker of Kidbits also has a review blog.
    Sorry, not on WordPress, so can’t help you there.

    1. Thanks Alex. I will pursue these two. (This post wasn’t supposed to be published until tomorrow. Sorry.)

  2. A lot of modern writers go the extreme opposite direction from books 70+ years ago. Instead of gut-loading in unnecessary adverbs (often in conjunction with non-standard speaking verbs), they use none of either. Everything MUST be shown in excruciating detail, even when it’s more to the point to just directly tell the reader important information or use a few wraparound narrative segments between major scenes. I feel sorry for newer and younger writers who are made to feel they must kowtow to these newly-decided “rules” instead of just writing the way that comes naturally.

    1. I agree totally. It worries me that we have to follow so many rules these days. (Sorry to have been so long in getting around to answering.) Good to meet you.

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