Publishing? Don’t Shake the Boat

Time for the Insecure Writers’ Support Group.  This month’s optional question has mined my writerly insecurity.  The question is: What publishing path are you considering/did you take, and why?

  • Well, Dear Reader, as you know, apart from a few short stories, my breathtaking contributions to the world of literature are as yet unclaimed by publishers.  To be brutally frank, The Novel, which I would like to see in print or even in electronic form, is still unfinished.  I am getting through the editing slowly, but the word publishing brings me out into a cold sweat.  I will, however, try to answer.
  • When editing is done, I will ask people to read it.  One dear friend has already volunteered.  Anyone reading this who would like to read a bordering on historical novel based in the 1980s, featuring the Polish trade union Solidarity, is very welcome to contact me.  As I’m female and no spring chicken, I would particularly welcome younger readers and male readers.
  • After that, I will send the result of my endeavours to a professional editor.  Yes, I know, these cost, but I’m assured that it’s worth it.
  • I will attempt to persuade an established author to endorse my big work (having read it first, obviously).
  • I will try the traditional publishing route, having first obtained advice from my writer friends as to which ones are likely to work for me.
  • If I get no biters, I will try self-publishing, but the promotion work necessary for self-publishing terrifies me.

This evening, when I relax with Ian McEwan’s The Children Act, I shall attempt not to fall in despair.  McEwan writes so well, sets scenes and describe people’s actions so brilliantly.  My prose, my characters and my settings are nothing in comparison.


10 thoughts on “Publishing? Don’t Shake the Boat

    1. Thank you Rhonda. I’m trying. I’m editing whenever I can, but I’m always pressured for time.

  1. My advice – don’t read that man’s books! And if you must, don’t compare. What is brilliant to one person is tiresome to another. I am tempted to offer to read as the subject matter interests me but as my history of reading lately has been giving up on books I am enjoying after two or three chapters I don’t think it would be fair!

    1. Too late, MOH. I’m more than 3/4 way through The Children Act. I’m totally hooked, even though I read Atonement a few years ago and found it gruesome, whilst admiring his writing style and gift for description.

    2. I would really love you to be a beta reader for my book, if you could manage it. I appreciate what you say about starting books and never getting beyond the first few chapters, but, if you could… please.

      1. I am really not a very good critic either, not good at critiquing I mean … but I will give it a go if you really really really want me to… Is there a time constraint though?

      2. Thank you very much. No time constraint… because I haven’t finished editing it yet.

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