Nothing to See Here

I’ve not been around these last few weeks, in body, or mind or spirit.  I was on holiday in Romania at the beginning of the month, then babysitting, and, all the time, fitting in the four-letter word – work.  I have been working flat out since I returned from Eastern Europe, teaching, invigilating and verifying (checking the work of other teachers, to make sure they’ve got it right).  Two of my jobs are at their peak periods, and I have been glued to my computer for whole days, with concomitant RSI headaches.

I haven’t had time to think, let alone write.  Work and other commitments can push out everything else out of your mind.  I have a few ideas for stories in my mind, but no time to get them down.  I did create a mood board for a story at one point.  Is this the way forward for me who doesn’t plan, and finds planning daunting, to the point of stifling, snuffing out, creative ideas?

So, I have little to say, just a few observations of everyday life in twenty-first century Britain, which I would be very grateful to know about, if I were a writer writing about twenty-first century Britain a hundred years hence:

  • In households where children have (at some point in their lives) attended a fee-paying school, long whole school photos are displayed in the downstairs loo.
  • When a husband and wife travel together in their car, he drives and she sits in front seat beside him as a passenger – mostly.
  • When the husband and wife have guests, the husband drives but the husband of the visiting couple sits in the front passenger seat, and the two wives sit in the back seat.
  • When people at work make coffee and tea in their offices or staff rooms, the tea making table is always disgustingly dirty:  unwashed cups, used repeatedly, often stained brown, smeared on the outside rim;  coffee and tea rings, some wet, some dry and of longstanding, on the grubby tray;  one (if you’re lucky, two) teaspoons, with little pools of tea of coffee/tea in the bowl.  The office fridge is similarly filthy containing: yoghurts many months old with bulging, swollen lids; plastic cartons of milk so it’s deliquesced into grey watery fluid; grains of dried-up spilt milk at the bottom.

Also, have you noticed how we’re all saying ‘Nothing to see here’ nowadays?

Yesterday was Dracula Day, apparently, so the pictures above are of Bran Castle (supposedly Dracula’s castle).  Was it frightening?  Not very, more National Trust than scary.


2 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here

  1. Thanks for popping in, Rhonda. Sorry the kitchens were as bad as you say. When I worked full-time, I used to be the clear-er up. At the end of every day, I would scoop up all dirty cups, spoons and everything else, take it home and put it in my dishwasher. If I forgot to return it next morning, that was TOUGH!

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