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The day has come… for the Insecure Writers Support Group.  This month, we are asked what sort of schedule we have in place for writing and publishing.  I sort of alluded to this in my previous post (about New Year Resolutions).  My biggest issue at the moment is that I’m teaching and doing other (paid) jobs, also I’m Competitions Manager for the Association of Christian Writers and involved in leading services and preaching at church.  Contrary to what everybody believes about teachers (‘You get your long holidays, don’t you?’ Snigger, snigger, snigger.  Btw, we don’t.  Not in the adult sector), we work very hard, preparing lessons and doing all the paperwork required by management.  Moreover, although I enjoy my role in the ACW enormously, it does take up a lot of my time, as does what I do in church.  So…. a very crowded life, even though I retired, once, from full-time teaching, and this year I’ve got to think about what has to go.  (Put it another way, what I can afford to go.)

Photo of your blogger.
Me, in author pose.

Last month, I did myself an Author Photo – using the selfie tool on my iPhone (see right).

My schedule so far (not necessarily in this order) is pretty ropey:

  1. Edit The Novel whenever I get a spare moment.
  2. On completion of 1, consider structure of The Novel and re-edit.
  3. Write article on rejection for Christian Writer (already pitched).
  4. Read books in later historical genres.
  5. Read and review books published by Instant Apostle (because I’m in their Facebook group and who knows… they might be interested.)
  6. On completion of 1 and 2, seek an editor (probably seeking advice of someone in ACW).
  7. By 1 November 2018, be in a position to start Nano with a new book!

… And I think that’s enough to be going on with. However ropey my schedule seems to you, Dear Reader, I certainly won’t get around to doing anything more.


15 thoughts on “Schedule for Writing and Publishing?

  1. These schedules are not easy to commit to as you know Rosemary especially with life going on as well. I hope you manage to achieve your goals, however, one day at a time is my stepping stone to life, the universe and everything! Sadly 42 is not the ultimate answer! Here’s to progress in any form it presents itself – cheers.

  2. Yes, Margaret, I know. Schedules tend to go out the window in no time at all, especially New Year ones. This is what makes me nervous about them.

  3. Oh, I learned some things in this post. I’m a member of ACFW, but I had never heard of ACW. I love entering writing competitions, so will I definitely check this out. Anyway, best wishes to you, and in all of your writing endeavors in 2018.

    1. Hello Catherine. Where are you based? ACW is a UK based organisation, and you need to be based in the UK to get to writers’ days etc, although we do have some overseas members.

      Do look out for our comps. Our next comp is for journalism and that will be launched on 10 March. The comps page on our website is at

  4. I was extremely involved in my church until grand babies came along. Now I babysit 3 days a week. I’m still volunteering with lectoring and ministering, but I’ve taken a big step backward. I do miss my bereavement committee and I know how much time is involved.

    Wishing you a wonderful 2018!!! Happy New Year!

  5. Looking at my work commitments… I’m scheduled to teach maths, web production, iPads, Androids and computing beginners… and I’m invigilating… and standards verifying… I’m quailing, Patsy. A little voice this morning said leave The Novel till the summer, but I don’t think that’s the way forward.

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