Insecure Writers’ Support Group – Surprising Myself

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Tomorrow is Insecure Writers’ Support Group day, but I’m writing this early because tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m travelling to London, to the Albert Hall, to hear/see the Proms.  They’re playing Shostakovitch’s Symphony number 11.  Very exciting.

The summer has not been a good time for writing.  Not enough time.  Too many other things to do, nice things like a holiday to Ireland – and Proms.  Now the evenings are drawing in and the light in the mornings, shining brightly through our windows only last week, has suddenly become dull, and I’m switching on the lights before making breakfast.  The summer is over.  Like many, I think of the year as beginning in September, because that’s when the academic year begins.

I have got very cross with myself for not doing any writing during the summer, especially as I’m not teaching.  It’s been very difficult gathering up the threads of my novel every time when writing sessions are so far apart.  However, I surprised myself last week by doing just that and carrying out some really useful editing.  Note to self:  must stop wanting to alter (improve?) the action in the beginning chapters.

View of Himilayas from Shimla, India.
View of Himilayas from Shimla, India.

Last February, I truly surprised myself by writing a poem, in common metre (6, 8, 6,8) for reading aloud, to pre-school children, all about dinosaurs.  I’ve always convinced myself that I can’t do children’s and I can’t do poetry.  Given the topic The Sea by my writing group, I scribbled the lines of my poem whilst on holiday in Shimla (in the very north of India), on those tiny scraps of notepaper provided in hotel bedrooms, singing to myself Amazing Grace (which, according to Wikipedia, is in common metre).  There, Sudbury Writing Group, I did it for you.


21 thoughts on “Insecure Writers’ Support Group – Surprising Myself

    1. Mm… I have, since, written a children’s story, which will, unfortunately, need a bit of work, because the style and subject matter are pitched at different age groups.

      And, as for poetry, this next month’s challenge from my dear Sudbury Writing Group is to write a poem, any poem. Mm….

  1. I didn’t write much this summer either. I could have done more, if I’d really tried, but I didn’t. Hopefully the break will have done us good and we’ll have more energy and enthusiasm for our projects and soon be properly productive again.

    Enjoy the proms!

    1. You’ve been all over the place, Patsy. I expected to see photos of you on your computer in your caravan, but, as you say, the rest will have done you good. And, you might’ve acquired some additional material.

      As for me, I’m sitting down today to do some lesson planning, for a class on iPads which I have to teach on Tuesday.

  2. Let me join in on the commiseration: I didn’t write much this summer either. My summer travels are never conducive to writing. And I only read one book during my month long vacation. Not good, but maybe more than usual so that’s a plus.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. I think many have a slowdown over summer, I tend to get more productive when the days get shorter. Maybe it’s ingrained from school days. That’s a double whammy of surprises with your poem! It shows we shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

    1. Yes, every blog I’ve looked at today mentions a summer slow down, and I think you’re right about even adults being programmed to focus better during academic year.

  4. Hi, Rosemary! I’m visiting today as an IWSG member! I enjoyed reading your post, and it’s nice to hear that you’re getting back into your writing. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found I’m every bit as busy in retirement as I was before I retired. I try not to be cross with myself when I fell I don’t get as much writing done as I should. May you have more writing time in September! All the best!

    1. Thank you Louise. I never understood those people who said that they were so busy in retirement that they didn’t know how they found time for work. Now I do!

    2. Louise, could you tell me which blog you are on the IWSG Sign up page, so that I can look at it?

  5. So very little time for writing with family around and other things to do – start of term brings other distractions too!

  6. Hope you manage to get into a routine Rosemary, I am going to do a monthly calendar on which posts need to be posted, book reviews uploaded etc – already struggling and it only a week in!!

    1. Good idea, Margaret. I’m not very good at lists myself. I leave off things which I consider too small or obvious. Also I wrote the lost then don’t look at it again.

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