My Favourite Things

Unlike Bob Geldof, I do like Mondays, because  I look forward to reading the blogs I follow on WordPress. Other people’s blogs can be funds of information.  This week, from Meredith Allard’s blog, I learn about Anne Bradstreet, an early American poet.  From Blog About Writing, and Words about Writing and Writing about Words, I find out about about new writing competitions.  From several other blogs, I discover books I want to read.  One of my favourite blogs,  however, Campari and Sofa,  is just fun.  Written by two mature women (one in LA and one in South Africa), it often just contains a quote, but this week was about ‘#143 Things We Love’. #143?  Sooo… I think I’d better get going and list #1 Things I Love… not in any particular order.

  • Relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee, made exactly the right way, right temperature, right strength, right amount of milk and no food served with it to spoil it.  Btw, I don’t do herbal teas and I don’t do instant coffee.
  • A cup of tea in bed – made by someone else.
  • Hanging-out washing on a warm, spring day, listening to the lambs bleating in the field half a mile away.  (You didn’t expect that one, did you?)
  • Shutting the dishwasher-door and switching it on, thinking about how it’s doing all my work for me.
  • Stationery, especially blank, lined notebooks, smelling of freshly minted paper.  The hardback ones, especially with a pretty pattern on them, are the best.  I also have a thing about pencils with rubbers on the ends, staplers and hole punches.
  • Roses, and dahlias, because of their strong colours, and range of colours.
  • A really good book.
  • Having a piece of my writing accepted by a webzine or other publisher.
  • Chancing upon something funny, such as a road sign or notice, like the ones below:
Prayors Hill. Road sign in Sible Hedingham, Essex
Sible Hedingham, Essex. This road leads to the church.
Advert in train. Excellent summing up of the story arc for Gilbert and Sullivan's 'Mikado'.
Advert in train. Excellent summing up of the story arc for Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Mikado’.
  • Computers.
  • Cats.
  • The roar of a football crowd.
  • The moment you touch down on the tarmac in the UK on returning from holiday.
  • Warm, sunny days at home in England, you know, the ones that are so warm and pleasant that you consider cancelling your holiday.
  • Walking outside early in the morning in summer, into a world fresh, untouched and full of amazing potential.
  • Sitting by a roaring fire (in the grate) in winter.
  • Ooh… and writing.

I know I’m supposed to mention things like ‘spending time with my grandchildren’.  I love them dearly.  They are the reason I haven’t been doing much writing recently, but  I’m listing THINGS not people.


8 thoughts on “My Favourite Things

  1. I like this idea, Rosemary – listing the positives things in life. I am sure this is just a small taster!

  2. Thank you for the nod Rosemary! We seem to share quite a few things but I love that we share an old-fashioned penchant for stationery, and blank, lined (always lined – I cannot write straight) notebooks.

    1. Yes, I love stationery, but I always use computers for everything, EXCEPT, very recently, I have been given a hardbacked notebook, which I use all the time.

    1. Note that I spelled stationery with an e, not an a. We don’t want any non-moving shops!

      1. Ha! I had to double check I had it as ‘e’ before I clicked send! I love the smell of pencils and paper. Have so many partially used notebooks – can’t ever get rid of them.

  3. Thanks for the mention!

    I’m enjoying a perfect cup of tea, fairly early in the morning whilst sitting at my computer on a warm sunny day – and that’s just the start of the things on your list which we both like.

    1. Yes, you’ve got two menches on my blog two weeks running.

      A cup of tea in bed is very special. A few days ago, I actually awoke to the sound of my husband – oh, so carefully – placing my mug on my bedside table. When, as a child,, we stayed in Fawlty Towers like guest houses, the staff always brought morning tea to the guest bedrooms.

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