Nothing to Say

What does a blogger say when nothing in particular has happened all week?

Am I supposed to conjure up two or three paragraphs of five hundred or so boring words of nothing?  Well, I’m not going to.

Things did happen, of course.   I’ve invigilated exams and taught two web design classes, attended my Christian Studies class, and, most important of all, my son and girlfriend have been here this weekend and today my husband directed all the music for three services at St Edmundsbury Cathedral.  But not writing things.

That’s 96 words, so I’ll shut up now.


4 thoughts on “Nothing to Say

    1. Well, not well as I would’ve liked. Margaret. Did you get a sensible solution from anyone else?

  1. I admire the way you keep to your blogging schedule, even when you have ‘blogger’s block’! I must take a leaf out of your book.

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