“Hey! That Was My Idea!”

A lot of useful information here. In my real life, I used to teach copyright, and my students surprised by two things:
1. Copyright is presumed.
Putting (c) on a piece of work is for information only.
2. Titles are not copyright. One of my published stories has the title ‘Us and Them’ (and I didn’t get sued by Pink Floyd).
3. As Helen says in the article below, ideas are not copyright.

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angryDid you hear the story of the newcomer to a writers’ group who refused to share his work in a meeting, in case someone ‘stole’ his ideas?

It’s only natural to be protective of our ideas – after all, they’re the lifeblood of writers – but was that an over-reaction or was he right to be worried? And if our ideas are used by someone else, is there anything we can do about it, or even learn from the experience?

Firstly, remember, there’s no copyright on ideas, so even if yours is ‘stolen’ and you may consider it a moral theft, there’s no legal redress. Copying an idea is not the same as plagiarism – which means to directly copy someone’s written work and pass it off as your own.

An idea, until it’s expressed in some tangible form, doesn’t actually exist. The only way to protect an idea is…

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2 thoughts on ““Hey! That Was My Idea!”

  1. It’s odd how many people seem to think that unless there’s actually a copyright symbol that the work is unprotected. I wonder if they think they can help themselves to stuff in shops as long as there isn’t a sign saying ‘please don’t steal me’ on it.

    1. Ooh yes, and not only that. When teaching web design, I would spend about an hour talking about copyright, showing them this amazing Disney-spoof video, then get them to find some copyright-free images, only to find that when they built their own websites they would use any old image and, when I challenged them, they would say, ‘It’s ok to use. It didn’t have a copyright symbol on it.’

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