Published… Again… At last!

Yes, here, on Alfie Dog Fiction.  Mine’s the story called Burnt Down.   (You need to scroll down the page to get to it.)  At 0.39p, it’s a steal.

You can’t know how uncomfortable I feel about promoting my own work.  I’m of the generation for whom ‘showing off’ was the worst of all possible sins and who would go to enormous lengths to avoid any form of self-aggrandisement.  If you got a good mark at school, you didn’t dare tell anybody.

Picture taken by Anna Brassey, a lady Victorian traveller. e
Picture taken by Anna Brassey, a lady Victorian traveller. e

We writers can be very lazy, regarding ourselves as arty types, who just want to be left alone to do what we do best – write.  After all our work is so good it will fall off the shelves in Waterstones, won’t it?   In fact,  we won’t need to do anything except pick up the nice fat royalty cheque twice a year.  What a terrible effort that will be!   Come on,  publisher, you do all the publicity.  Publisher, publisher, where are you?  You want me to self-publish?  All right, I can hack  the idea of reformatting my work and uploading it to SmashWords or something, but surely you don’t expect me to go out and tell people about it.  I mean, what are Amazon doing, apart from collecting huge profits (ha ha)?  What, you want me to do book signings in my own town?  And go on Facebook?  And Twitter?  How embarrassing!  I mean, what will people think of little me (Rosemary)?

Fortunately, none of this is necessary for a short story on Alfie Dog Fiction, which is a great site for short stories generally.   Have you ever hoped not to win a competition because you couldn’t hack going public on your writing and your story?  (I have.)  Part of me regards my writing as so personal that I can’t bear to share it.  The other part wants it all just to ‘happen’.

Talking of competitions, the Association of Christian Writers are about to launch a crime-writing comp.   Check the ACW site in January.

Happy Christmas.  I am not at all prepared, but I will be.  The family start to arrive tomorrow.

To all those whose bloggers I follow, if you’re following me, thank you for all the interesting posts which WordPress sends to me every Monday.   (What a terrible sentence!)  Do keep checking my other blog, Dear Reader.   When I’ve finished this post, I’m going to review The Jazz Files by Fiona Veitch Smith.


9 thoughts on “Published… Again… At last!

  1. Hi
    It’s my first visit here, but I had to comment on what you say about being frightened to succeed – yes!!! That’s a fear that stops me doing things every day, and something I’m working on. Glad to hear though that it’s not just me!

  2. Congratulations on the publication of your short story. Have attempted to download it but site getting stuck. Will try again later. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and wishing you much writing success for the coming year. X

  3. Thank you for trying to download, Julie. Alfie Dog doesn’t download like, say, Kindle. You have either to send it to your Kindle email address (not the same as your normal email address) or connect your computer to your Kindle using an usb cable.

    Happy Christmas, Julie.

  4. I agree. Self-promotion does not come easy to women of our generation (to women in general I think). Will try and download the story to my iPad now.

    1. Thanks Camparigirl. The mechanism for downloading is a little complex, as Julie O’Neill has found. You click on the story you’ve purchased, then save it to your own computer, then either email it to your kindle/ipad or drag into your device using a usb cable.

  5. I don’t like the publicity side of writing either, but it’s definitely something we have to do if we hope to have our work read.

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