Why the Reader Put That Book Down

Good stuff here. A reader tells you what keeps her reading. Do you look for the same things as she does? Personally, I like a bit of good stuff, to share some ‘feel-good’. Why otherwise do you suppose so many detectives have loving families or good circles of friends? But I’m with her on checking facts. I’ve noticed that many writers – particularly – get it wrong when writing about the church and local government, but then that’s two areas I happen to know about. I wonder what other ‘areas of misinformation’ are out there.

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I do a ridiculous amount of reading because it is part of my job as a writer. My job in particular because I blog about craft. I read all genres and go through anywhere from 2-4 books a week. Audible will go bankrupt if I’m ever hit by an ice cream truck.

This said, I think I’m in a fairly good position to guide you guys on pitfalls to avoid from a reader’s POV. These are the mistakes that will have me railing at the heavens and throwing a book across the room…followed by depression because I can never get those wasted hours back.

I just returned a book so bad that I cannot believe I read as much of it as I did. It is a prime example why reviews can be misleading, even good ones.

I finally had to return it because there was just not enough blood…

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4 thoughts on “Why the Reader Put That Book Down

      1. You know, when I first logged on your blog, it told me it had been deleted. So I tried again and I got in and, for some reason, I thought you were contributing to another site. Which you should. I love your reviews. I can actually tell what the books are about.

  1. Isn’t odd how we’rehappy to read something we know is made up, but we still want facts to be accurate? I agree though, it is annoying when something isn’t right.

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