Dear Reader Site… and Granddaughter

The book review site, Dear Reader, is now up and running, with a review of ‘Finding Myself in Britain’ by Amy Boucher Pye.  If you’re thinking the new blog’s a bit plain, you’re right, as there’s much more work to do.  But do take a look.

Now for the everyday life bit.  Our granddaughter, Jessica Elizabeth, was born today.  whatsapp_50Unfortunately, I haven’t met her yet, because she didn’t arrive until 2.30 this afternoon.  A very stressful morning, waiting for WhatsApp to buzz on my faulty phone.   Never mind teenagers sexting!  How did we grandparents cope without WhatsApp?  Can’t wait to see her on Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Dear Reader Site… and Granddaughter

    1. I haven’t seen her yet. In fact. I haven’t had much to do with it at all.

      1. Have you seen my Dear Reader site? I’m separating book reviews from everything else.

      2. I have. Meant to comment but got distracted with something else. You certainly like to push the boundaries and won’t ever be bored. Sounds like a good plan though. Look forward to reading your posts.

      3. Could I ask to leave a comment, please? It would make it look loved!

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