My site had looked the same, with the same theme, for a long time.  Please bear with me while I refurbish it.  I’m going to make some important changes.

I’m coming out.  (No, not that sort of coming out!)  From now on, I’m dumping my pen-name, Charlie Britten, and using my real name – Rosemary Johnson.  My good friend, Wendy H Jones (of Shona McKenzie fame) advises me that I shouldn’t use a pen-name unless I intend to write porn, and porn is truly something I could never tackle.  My original reason for using a pen-name, actually, was because I was a tutor to young people, and I wanted to keep my writing apart from my work.  I’m still teaching (despite having retired once) but now with adults.

I am in the process of creating some additional blogs: a blog dedicated to book reviews; a blog for collrosemary_200ecting historical reminisces; a travel blog.  This is so that readers, historical writers and travellers may follow these separate blogs without having to wade through a lot of other content that doesn’t interest them.  The Write On blog will be for everyday life and writing.  I will link, however, link all the blogs together.

It’s getting late so I’ll sign off.  I’m on the ACW More Than Writers blog tomorrow (Sunday, 13 November – Remembrance Sunday).   My parents once told me that Rosemary was for Remembrance, so there we are.




4 thoughts on “Refurb

  1. I have to think of you as Rosemary now. There are sites I visit on a regular basis that I associate to names and locations. Now I have to reframe yours. At least, please don’t move!

    1. No, I promise not to move, although I do have a problem with bugs right now. Could you please tell me if you had any problems getting on to the Dear Reader site, please?

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