Travellers’ Checklist

Another reblog, but a good one, from Morgan Tarpley writing on International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW).

I will write some proper posts soon.  I’m currently overwhelmed with work and building my church’s website.  I’ve also just got back from a holiday in Israel and we’re getting into gear for the birth of our granddaughter next week.  I’m on the ACW (Association of Christian Writers, our own British version) More Than Writers blog on Sunday.    I’m hoping to do a complete refurb of this blog – when I’ve got some time – separating out the book reviews and the (embrionic) history resource from the writing and general life bits.

Meanwhile back to my Dreamweaver handouts (yes, in the plural) for tonight and Thursday.  See you!


2 thoughts on “Travellers’ Checklist

    1. Yep. It certainly does! However, I have now ‘cleared my desk’ to write tomorrow morning… before I have to go out and teach at 1pm!

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