Dear Reader Site… and Granddaughter

The book review site, Dear Reader, is now up and running, with a review of ‘Finding Myself in Britain’ by Amy Boucher Pye.  If you’re thinking the new blog’s a bit plain, you’re right, as there’s much more work to do.  But do take a look.

Now for the everyday life bit.  Our granddaughter, Jessica Elizabeth, was born today.  whatsapp_50Unfortunately, I haven’t met her yet, because she didn’t arrive until 2.30 this afternoon.  A very stressful morning, waiting for WhatsApp to buzz on my faulty phone.   Never mind teenagers sexting!  How did we grandparents cope without WhatsApp?  Can’t wait to see her on Wednesday!


My site had looked the same, with the same theme, for a long time.  Please bear with me while I refurbish it.  I’m going to make some important changes.

I’m coming out.  (No, not that sort of coming out!)  From now on, I’m dumping my pen-name, Charlie Britten, and using my real name – Rosemary Johnson.  My good friend, Wendy H Jones (of Shona McKenzie fame) advises me that I shouldn’t use a pen-name unless I intend to write porn, and porn is truly something I could never tackle.  My original reason for using a pen-name, actually, was because I was a tutor to young people, and I wanted to keep my writing apart from my work.  I’m still teaching (despite having retired once) but now with adults.

I am in the process of creating some additional blogs: a blog dedicated to book reviews; a blog for collrosemary_200ecting historical reminisces; a travel blog.  This is so that readers, historical writers and travellers may follow these separate blogs without having to wade through a lot of other content that doesn’t interest them.  The Write On blog will be for everyday life and writing.  I will link, however, link all the blogs together.

It’s getting late so I’ll sign off.  I’m on the ACW More Than Writers blog tomorrow (Sunday, 13 November – Remembrance Sunday).   My parents once told me that Rosemary was for Remembrance, so there we are.



Travellers’ Checklist

Another reblog, but a good one, from Morgan Tarpley writing on International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW).

I will write some proper posts soon.  I’m currently overwhelmed with work and building my church’s website.  I’ve also just got back from a holiday in Israel and we’re getting into gear for the birth of our granddaughter next week.  I’m on the ACW (Association of Christian Writers, our own British version) More Than Writers blog on Sunday.    I’m hoping to do a complete refurb of this blog – when I’ve got some time – separating out the book reviews and the (embrionic) history resource from the writing and general life bits.

Meanwhile back to my Dreamweaver handouts (yes, in the plural) for tonight and Thursday.  See you!