Evolving world of book reviews

Very interesting analysis of book reviews and book reviewing here. This will probably be the last post on the Write On blog in its existing formats. I have many ideas for a transformation.

A Writer of History

Although traditional media remain a source for book reviews, social media and online sites play an ever-increasing role in how readers choose and discuss books. What can be said about the evolving world of book reviews and recommendations?

A 2013 survey showed that online sources dominate when readers look for recommendations. And, while more than half of survey participants get recommendations from friends, we can speculate that the definition of ‘friends’ now includes people known only through social media – another online source. (You can read more about these surveys here.)sources-of-recommendations

Responding to another question, 20% of readers use only digital sources, while 13% of participants said they did not use online sites. Age also plays a role; younger readers are more likely than older readers to consult online sources. Probing further, the survey revealed that Goodreads, genre fiction blogs, and small book review blogs are the top three digital…

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3 thoughts on “Evolving world of book reviews

  1. I wonder how the survey was conducted as that might play a part in the results. If done online, then there’s likely to be a bias towards that method of finding information as those who can’t access the internet won’t be questioned.

    1. Yes, I agree with you about bias, but it still shows how much some people rely on things like Goodreads… and also the reviews on Write On – of course!

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