A Very Bad Blogger

I’m shocked to see that my last post was made on 27 February.  And it’s now 30 March.  I had just arrived in India when I wrote that last post.  Very bad blogger!  India was amazing, (as you would expect) and I blogged about this in on the ACW More Than Writers blog on 13 March.

Since then I have returned home and worked.  Yes, Dear Reader, I, the retiree, has worked. In fact, I started the four-letter W word the day before I flew to India, teaching two classes of computing beginners at a local adult education college, hardly the best time but that’s how it was, so I had to get on with it.  Since my return, I have taught more classes – part-time, thank Goodness – AND attended an Association of Christian Writers event in Bath (on 12 March) AND done some work on the church website AND entertained my Best Daughter and family and babysat Beloved Grandson.

SO, you understand why I wasn’t posting here.  In fact, at the moment, I congratulate myself if I manage to get everyone dressed and breakfasted and the kitchen cleared up by 10am.  I’d forgotten that feeling.  It’s all come back to me during Beloved Grandson’s visit this last week, that and starting doing something and immediately having to rush out to avert a breakage/injury in another room, answer a question, find a favourite toy, continue doing whatever it was for one second before changing a nappy, mending a toy, wondering what you were doing before and being just about pick up the tools before investigating why everything’s gone so quiet, etc etc.  One and Only Husband and Beloved Grandson have taken to watching Thomas the Tank Engine videos together.  Ah, how I remember that Thomas signature tune!  Surely the sweetest sound in the world.  That takes me back too.

Inevitably, writing has been squeezed out.  I know what every writer is going to say to me, but it’s very difficult.  My gut feeling is that for everything there is a season.  In a new job (even a part-time one), you have to settle in and find the work-life balance.   Then I will write.

Meanwhile here are some photos from India.  (We have over 1200, but – you will be relieved to know – I won’t show them all.