After Your Manuscript Ferments in a Drawer

Really helpful advice for all novelists and hopeful novelists, from Cheryl Fassett. And some really useful-looking links, which I haven’t checked out yet myself.

Catching Fireflies

So, you wrote a novel in November. Or maybe it was November 2007. Either way, you are in one of two camps; you are just itching to pull it out and read your magnificent words, or you are terrified that they may be discovered. Their future is up to you.

I would think at some point you will want to take them out from under the bed or out of the drawer where you have hidden the thumb drive under 8 pounds of clutter and read them. Even if you have no intention of ever attempting to publish them, reading them is good for you. It helps you see them for what they are – either well-constructed plots and characters, or detritus of your brain which runs around like a toddler with ADD.


After the appropriate waiting period – a few months or years – please take out your manuscript…

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2 thoughts on “After Your Manuscript Ferments in a Drawer

  1. Only one? I have to confess that, recently, I shredded a ‘novel’ I’d handwritten in pencil on file paper in 1990.

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