Anne of Green Gables Museum… again

Dear Reader, you may remember my post on the Anne of Green Gables Museum in August.  Since then I have written a piece The real 'Lake of Shining Waters'on the Museum for The Copperfield Review, which will appear in the autumn edition and, this weekend, the editor, Meredith Allard, has previewed it on her blog, together with some photos taken by my husband.

This morning, as I have a little time to myself, I have tried writing Morning Pages, using Word and tagging my Word document as I saved it.  It came out more like a journal entry, detailing what I was doing now and had been doing for the last few days, unfortunately, whereas I wanted it to be a place where I could set down thoughts and thoughts about settings and emotions which I could use in my writing later on.  I suppose these things will come with practice.  Does anyone know of any sites giving guidance on morning pages, please?  A cursory look on Google just brought up promotionals for journalling sites.


4 thoughts on “Anne of Green Gables Museum… again

    1. Oh dear! That is not encouraging. I suppose I shall have to carry on and see how it works for me.

  1. My friend Cathryn suggested on Facebook that I purchased a book on morning pages by Julia Cameron. I looked up Julia’s book and also a number of other links, all referencing Julia. It seems that morning pages are also used in business to clear the mind, to park troubling issues and, by setting them down in writing, resolve them. Am I using the wrong tool?

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