Top 10 Writing Tips

These tips, from a writer more experienced than me, are well worth re logging. Note the use of a numbered list!

Lynette Noni

A few months ago I was asked by the Gold Coast Bulletin to come up with a list of writing tips that they could publish in their newspaper. I really wanted to include those tips in a blog post back then too, but the Bulletin asked me to wait until they’d published them first, which is fair enough. I’d pretty much forgotten about it, but this week my wonderful publicist tracked down the link for the whole article that they wrote up on me back in May in the aftermath of Supanova, which means I can now share my tips with you all!

Top 10 Tips (Portrait) JPEG

Feel free to share the above tips if you find them helpful at all. And if you want to read the whole article (it’s an entire page, which is so cool!), you can do so by clicking on this link to find a screenshot JPEG of it here: 

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5 thoughts on “Top 10 Writing Tips

  1. The one I was least happy with was 7. Avoid detail overkill. Some of the most amazing literary writers (Isherwood for instance) described everything minutely, especially the way characters moved and looked.

  2. Good to be reminded of the basics of story-telling. Easy to complicate things and lose the point of the exercise. You could add to this: how has your character changed, by the end of the story and was there anything to learn?

  3. This is the best summary of the advice going round the net – always the same, no matter how you slice it. Frankly, while keeping all those rules in mind, I would rather do what feels right and fun. We have been asked many times, for example, to have collaboration but, in our case, part of the appeal, is the dual voice. So why mess with it and introduce another?

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