Story Published on ‘CafeLit’

Well, well, well, this is a good week, because my story ‘Ella’s Holiday‘ was published on CafeLit earlier this week.  Very timely, as it’s all about teachers planning their holidays.  Pity I myself have to go back to work on Monday, not to teach – yet – but to prepare for next year.

With a visit from Jordan (our friend from Houston), a week in the Tyrol and three days in Northern France, it’s all gone very quickly.  I’m also very pleased to announced – der-de-der-de-der – that I’ve finished cleaning out the kitchen cupboards AND the utility room shelves.  I’ve now forgotten about work so completely that, this morning, not only could I not remember my work password, but I couldn’t remember the telephone number of IT Services either.  I did remember the number eventually, though, and I’m now plucking up courage to Look At The Work Emails on my home computer.  I may be gone some time…



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