Another Hallelujah

'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' logoAlfie Dog has published my Christian story, ‘The Millionaire‘.  Feel very chuffed because the Christian market is one I really want to get into.  However, Dear Reader, I must warn you that, should you wish to read ‘The Millionaire’, you would have to pay a whole 39p to download.  The expense of it all!  Seriously, though, I wonder how most literary sites manage, as every editor tells me that running a website is a very costly business.

This afternoon I’ve managed to sub another story.  Actually, this particular story has been on the point of being subbed for about a week.  It’s been a case of… just need to fix that little bit… oh and that sentence could do with improving too and… why don’t I add this?  This morning I read it through aloud and what a revelation.  I can tell you, Dear Reader, that you wouldn’t have wanted to be my dear reader with the story as it was then.  Doesn’t editing, and getting something finally right, take a long time?

Anyway – fingers crossed –  it’s gone.  To a womag!  Oh yes.  Should you chance to remember what I wrote on my ‘About’ page (Why should you?), you will recognise getting published in womag as one of my ‘targets’ – to quote from the horrible world of work.  In our workplace, we are said to have achieved a target if we take appropriate steps towards it, so there!  I have taken ‘steps’.  Another step I have taken is to download online versions of ‘My Weekly’ fiction and the whole of ‘The People’s Friend’ from the  Newsstand app on my iPad, which is altogether more convenient than going up into town to buy  the paper-based versions.

When choosing where to sub, I heeded the advice of Julie Wow about story lengths, that between 1200 and 2000 words often means 1200 or 2000 words.  As my story came up comfortably as 1400, I subbed it to a womag where the editor, in an interview, said, quite specifically, ‘anything in between’.  Talking of advice, I found much invaluable information and guidance from womagwriter blogspot and the blog Sally Jenkins Writer.  I’m sure you are very much aware of these, Dear Reader, but I’m mentioning them just in case.

Meanwhile, I’d better stop blogging and think about what else I can sub before Christmas.


6 thoughts on “Another Hallelujah

  1. I don’t look to earn anything from writing. I have a day job so I write because I enjoy it. The problem is that the dayjob is getting so onerous I don’t have time or energy to write.

  2. Enjoyed your story – well worth the princely sum of 39p. You, too, may be a millionaire soon, at this rate. Good luck with the submission. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and thanks for the plug.

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