Sweet Success… At Last

‘Visiting My Penfriend’ is, right now… this minute… at this moment in time… published on CafeLit.  As its title starts with a V, it is, alas, a long way down the menu, but it’s there, Dear Reader, it’s there.  The story has always been one of my favourites, seeing as it features the main character in the novel I’ve been trying to write for years.  One of the lovable quirks of CafeLit is that each story is assigned a hot drink (the ‘cafe’ bit of CafeLit, you see).  Without too much away, I awarded ‘Visiting My Penfriend’ the drink ‘Tea in a Glass with a Slice of Lemon.’

Up until today, it had not been a very good week.  Two days ago, I was wondering if I ever write again, whether I would ever have the time to write and, even if I did – by some miracle – manage to find the time, where would the energy come from?   Writing emotion into a story when you’re feeling totally drained is, believe me, well nigh impossible.  The problem, Dear Reader (if you’re still there), is the day job: teaching – with those noisy and demanding creatures called students, now that term has started.   Tuesday evening, I spent worrying about having to write two HE (degree level) assignments, Wednesday evening – until midnight – actually writing it and Thursday recovering from writing it.  I need to work to live, unfortunately, seeing as my lifetime earnings from writing total approximately £50.  One day I will retire.  I just hope I won’t be too burnt out to write by the time I do.

Having a success, even for a story of less than a thousand words, makes me feel like a writer again.

Tea with lemon
Tea with lemon

4 thoughts on “Sweet Success… At Last

  1. £50!!! You’re living it large in my world if you’ve earned that much. But seriously… congratulations on your story! Very evocative and atmospheric – felt as though I’d been transported there for a moment. Brought back happy Fantastic!

  2. That last part should read …brought back happy memories. Must have hit an errant key as I hit post comment.

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