Sweet Success

My story ‘Visions’ appears in The Best of CafeLit 2012, a collection of stories from Debz Hobbs-Wyatt’s Cafe Lit website.  ‘Visions’ is about a journalist who gets killed before she is able to file her story, but she does get to have a nice chat with St Peter.  I have to confess that it is a story I wrote a very long time ago… er, about 3 years ago actually.  ‘Small Ones Are More Juicy’ by Patsy Collins, whose blog I follow, is also included, although the other authors I don’t know.  The Kindle version costs £2.04 and the paperback £6.   Please do support it.  (I don’t benefit personally but Debz has put in a lot of hard work on this.)

I’ve just finished reading ‘Mr Norris Changes Trains’, the first book of Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin Novels, and have just started the second book, ‘Goodbye to Berlin’.  Although I will review both together when I finish GTB, I can reveal that Isherwood’s work fills me with awe.  The level of detail in which he writes is just phenomenal.  To give an example, the first three pages of ‘Mr Norris Changes Trains’ is taken up with an account of how the main character lights the cigarette of a stranger – Norris, as it turns out.  Throughout the book, he describes every nuance of characters’ reactions, every movement of the body, every fleeting shadow moving across the eye.  It seems to me that, whereas most writers just throw in a few actions to lighten up the ‘he saids’ and ‘she saids’, Isherwood just worked at it and worked at it, until he’d shown the reader everything.

…And next week, I’ll be in Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
(From http://www.tripadvisor.com)




6 thoughts on “Sweet Success

  1. Have listened to your impassioned plea and purchased the anthology for kindle. Looking forward to reading it. Have a lovely time in Berlin. Perhaps you could submit a post from the heart of the city, so it feels that we are sharing the experience with you.

  2. Well done Charlie and so pleased to include you story in the collection! Will put the link on the Facebook page to this blog as well!!!

  3. Read your story about St Peter and the journalist who considered herself more capable than God. Really enjoyed it. Loved that St Peter couldn’t bear the sound of a cock crowing, and that he changes his nationality every few decades or so – is that because he doesn’t want to be seen as discriminatory, or just that he’s a bit of a chameleon? Anyway, it kept me hooked, and delivered the intended message.

  4. Thanks, Julie. Glad you enjoyed that story. The reason St Peter changed nationality was that, according to the Roman Catholic church, the Pope is St Peter’s reincarnation, so he would now be Argentinian, have been recently German, before that Polish and, for several centuries, Italian.

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