What Vegetarians Don’t Want

An Ever Expanding List

  • Being served fish. (‘You do eat fish, don’t you?’ No!)
  • Being served chicken. (‘Look, it’s white meat. What’s wrong with that?’ Quite a lot, actually.)
  • Pubs that have one vegetarian option on their menu for months, even years, on end.
  • Being served meals consisting of vegetables only – no protein.
  • People who peer at your plate for several minutes then ask, “Is that all right for youuuuuu?”
  • Carnivores who eat all the vegetarian options at buffets. (“That looks niceeeeee.”)
  • Carnivores who try to persuade you to eat meat. (‘Don’t you sometimes just fancy a bacon butty?’ No!)
  • Partners of vegetarians who, usually on holiday, lean across to the waiter, saying, “She’s vegetarianne.”
  • Carnivores who tell abbatoir stories at dinner, and farmers/ small-holders who love telling you that they have slaughtered their pigs/ free-range chickens and now have them in their freezer.
  • Restaurants (usually abroad) where the vegetarian option is always ‘off’.
  • Cafeteria servers who, having just told you that the vegetarian option is ‘off’, hold up a plate and wait for you to order something non-vegetarian.
  • Diner-owners who make jokes about vegetarians on their menus and on their servery. (A famous one at Jackson Hole (town aptly named) in Wisconsin went something like this. “Of course we serve vegetarians. They’re inside all our burgers.”)

And what about you? Calling all you vegetarians out there, what are pet hates? Do let us know.


One thought on “What Vegetarians Don’t Want

  1. I’m not a vegetarian myself but I can see why all these things would be annoying. It can’t be that difficult for pubs and restaurants to provide a few meals without meat products in them. Actually you’d think it would be easier for them – it’s not as though meat and fish are cheaper or keep for longer than vegetarian options.

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