So Tired? Me too!

Last week, as well as teaching for 22 hours, marking and preparing lessons, dealing with students and managers (the latter by far the most troublesome), doing housework and family,  I subbed three ‘old’ stories, plus one new one which I’d just finished editing, which is, as we speak, lying, rigid with anxiety, in a pile with its fellow entrants for the Choc Lit Short Story Competition 2013.   As you see, Dear Reader, I am keeping my end up in ChapterSeventyNine‘s Five Outstanding group and in Write 1 Sub 1.

I’m now feverishly (Oh, I do love those adverbs!) trying to write another story, for the Writers and Artists Yearbook 2013 Short Story Competition, on the theme ‘Freedom’.  For several weeks I toyed with the idea of writing about laundry in the 1920s.  Remembering a story my grandmother used to tell me about a woman who ‘took in washing’ and was ‘pleased as punch to come’, I was going to work something along those lines, but it didn’t work alongside the theme ‘freedom’ and I’m now writing about Daniel in the Lions’ Den.  I can certainly make that fit into ‘freedom’ and, when it doesn’t win, I’m lobbing it off to the Christian market, something I’ve had my eye on for some time – so no swear words.

Now, Dear Reader, a confession.  I thought the Writers and Artists Deadline was this Friday, 8 February and, unlike my darling daughter the journalist, I go stum as I approach a deadline, probably because I’m so bloody tired before I start writing.  I keep reading about all these writers who write in cafes, trains and buses, first thing in the morning and late at night, but I can’t.  Am I a wuss?


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